What is SevenCash ?


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System Comparison


SevenCash is a real physical medium of exchange on local area and  a cryptocurrency on global scale.

Any investment globally in the 100% decentralised safe & secure blockchain based SevenCash virtual wallet can be exchanged  anywhere in the world to local decentralised physical SevenCash/bearer bonds issued by individuals or SME backed by goods or services provided.*

* Buyer and seller have to agree upon common terms.

Sustainable Diversification Ratio

* SDR represent a basket of purpose based currencies which are balanced by SC-T-Rx Protocol to keep sustainability

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S  = Social progress                                  1                         SP Coin

SC = Socio economic                                2                        SC Coin

C  = Economic stability                              3                         CS Coin

SE = Socio environmental                        4                          SE Coin

EC = Eco environmental                           5                          EC Coin

E  = Environmental stewardship              6                          ES Coin

SDR = Sustainability                               7          SevenCashCoin

* All further coins created are a subsystem of above Parent-Coins